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It takes all sorts

An appellant seeking outline permission for a dwelling adjacent to a sweet factory in west Yorkshire (DCS Number 400-014-654) has enjoyed the taste of success.

An odour assessment undertaken by the appellant reported that barely detectable “delightful” scents were experienced within the site boundary. The factory and the council disputed the findings of the report, however, the factory saying that the odour could be a lot stronger than reported and that strong smells were noticed throughout the town.

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You would think, after two world wars, that they might have learned that attempts at annexation never end well. But no, they’ve been at it again. We are nonetheless very pleased to report that a gallant inspector has single-handedly foiled a German plot to annexe part of London’s Belgravia (DCS Number 400-014-581).

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A horse of a different colour

Taken from a recent appeal decision (DCS Number 400-014-301):

“At paragraph 10 of the Council’s appeal statement it refers to the “Gelding judgement” [sic]; this has not been queried by the Appellant. However I anticipate that the Council does not wish me to form a sensible opinion about a castrated male horse, but that it is in fact referring to the case of Timmins & Anor v Gedling Borough Council [2014] EWHC 654 (Admin) [my emphasis].”

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Back to the future

Just as we were thinking that telegraph poles were all but redundant along comes an inspector allowing a high tech version.

In (DCS Number 400-013-384) a consortium of telecommunications operators proposed a 10 metre high replica telegraph pole in southeast London. The inspector was aware that there had been a previous application for a 12.5 metre high monopole on the site. He observed that that scheme would have been significantly more prominent due to its greater height and the bulbous nature of the antenna shroud. In re-designing the proposal to a single diameter replica telegraph pole of lesser height he considered that the appellant had shown a readiness to compromise, notwithstanding the fact that the 10-metre scheme would be on the margins of acceptability in terms of the network coverage it would provide.

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Deep breath…

A footnote from an inspector’s decision relating to an appeal in Dartmoor (DCS Number 400-013-053) raised a smile here on the DCP Blog –

“The development plan for this area includes (I take a metaphorical deep breath here): the Dartmoor National Park Authority Local Development Framework Core Strategy Development Plan Document 2006-2026 (June 2008), and the Dartmoor National Park Authority Development Management and Delivery Development Plan Document (July 2013).”

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