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A major fault

A 48-sheet digital advertising display in Leeds has been given a red light (DCS Number 400-021-227). The council, the inspector noted, considered that the main risk to public safety arose from “the potential for the colours within the digital advertisement to cause confusion when viewed in conjunction with the traffic lights, for example were the colours to match on red or amber a driver might be less aware of the need to stop.”

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Movable feasts

Although achieving high-quality design is a worthy objective we do have to recognise that it can’t always be done, a truth acknowledged by an inspector dealing with an appeal against the refusal of planning permission for a café in two shipping containers in west Yorkshire (DCS Number 400-021-124).

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For the birds

Edinburgh City Council might have been spending too much time on Instagram.

In dealing with an appeal against the refusal of listed building consent for a loft conversion (DCS Number 400-021-104) the reporter remarked that “The mainly glazed infill of the inward-facing roof valley would not be likely to be visible from the wider conservation area, apart from within the appeal property. Although I note the council’s comment that this aspect of the works would, if undertaken, be seen in aerial photographs, I do not regard that as equating to an adverse effect on the character of the conservation area.”

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Problem solved

Last spring the chief executive of the Planning Inspectorate explained that a large part of the reason for the delay in the handling of planning appeals was “the unexpected receipt of more than 1000 prior approval appeals for phone kiosks”. Here on the Blog we remarked that the interest in phone kiosks arises largely from their function as structures for the display of advertisements, and we suggested a solution to the problem (Whatever happened to ….)

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