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Any port in a storm

Following on from Travelling light, here is another appeal case in which the inspector found reason to depart from development plan policy on internal space standards (DCS Number 400-027-903).

This case concerns an appeal against the refusal of planning permission for the creation of two additional units at a homeless hostel in west London. The units, the inspector noted, would fall some way below the adopted internal space standards in the local plan and would not be provided with any private external space. He also noted, however, that the local plan was clear that development would be required to meet the demands of everyday life for the intended occupants. 

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An undesirable

The residential conversion of agricultural barns under Class Q of the GPDO is precluded if the location or siting would make it ‘impractical’ or ‘undesirable’. Conversion is often found to be ‘impractical’, but when might a conversion be considered ‘undesirable’? 

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A brown study

We all know that a sitting room is a habitable room and that a bathroom is not a habitable room. But what about a study? According to one inspector, determining an appeal in north London (DCS Number 200-009-576), a study in a neighbouring property could not be assessed as a habitable room:

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