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A bit Spartan

Caravan sites can sometimes be a bit Spartan so it was perhaps with this in mind that the owner of a Hampshire caravan park decided to create a new classically styled entrance. In upholding an enforcement notice requiring its removal, however, an inspector made it clear that he did not appreciate its design (DCS Number 400-025-298).

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It’s complicated

When a relationship comes to an end it can be complicated, and our exit from the European Union is no exception. Until everything is settled, then, the Human Rights Act of 1998 remains in place, and a claim that human rights have been breached or are threatened remains a regular occurrence during the course of planning applications and appeals. That being so, it might be useful to file a recent appeal case (DCS Number 400-024-906), in which the inspector gives a neat summary of the relationship between the planning system and human rights legislation.

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A poisoned chalice?

Is pre-application advice sometimes a poisoned chalice? A case in point concerns a recent appeal relating to a proposal for a new dwelling to the rear of an existing house in Derbyshire (DCS Number 400-025-015). In this case the inspector awarded costs against the council after she found the pre-application advice which had been given to be misleading.

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