Evil curs

Enforcement specialists encounter some evil curs in their line of work but we were a little surprised at the following report from an inspector, dealing with unauthorised waste tipping in Leicestershire (DCS Number 400-035-597).

Notification was given that the site inspection would be unaccompanied on an “access required” basis. The appellant was requested to ensure that provision (with any gates or barriers left open) was made available to access and conduct the site inspection unaccompanied. On arrival by car I was confronted by a dangerous looking and vociferous Alsatian dog chained to the entrance with a long chain. [The appellant] appeared and beckoned me through. I drove inside the site and found another Alsatian of similar disposition, chained to a fence. I walked around the site with [the appellant] who was at a distance, but “on hand” so to speak, should assistance be required in negotiating parts of the site within the sectors in which the dogs patrolled.

Give that man a medal.

There is further information concerning the conduct of site visits for appeals dealt with by the written representations procedure at 5.343 of DCP Online.