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An inspector dealing with an appeal against an enforcement notice alleging the change of use of 10 west London flats to serviced rooms has explained exactly why it’s not a good idea to rely on web-based evidence (DCS Number 400-034-629):-

“There is also a reliance upon on-line references particularly from the Council”, the inspector relates, “and I am not given print-outs of what is referred to. This can be problematic because such references are not static and can change. There is no guarantee, when such links are viewed, that the webpages will contain the same information as they did when viewed by the Council or appellant when preparing their evidence. Only 2 of the references provided by the Council on their statement allowed me to view any details at all. On those, it was not clear how many bedrooms are available within the building for booking or what the precise address is and so they do not help demonstrate what the Council has alleged has taken place.”

Section 4.53 of DCP Online concerns the detailed practice considerations relating to enforcement.