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Home truths

An inspector has granted a lawful development certificate for the conversion of a garage at a terrace property in Essex to a workshop, overruling the council’s finding that the property could not benefit from permitted development rights as it was a flat rather than a dwelling (DCS Number 400-034-837).

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A drop in the ocean

A recent appeal case (DCS Number 400-034-627) provides an example of reasoning which is seen so often that we have held off questioning it. 

“The proposal would add 2 dwellings to the Council’s housing stock. However, while every dwelling makes a contribution to housing supply and is therefore of benefit, including smaller and unallocated windfall sites, set against a significant deficit in the Council’s housing land supply the positive attributed weight of 2 units to this shortfall would be limited.” 

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On the prowl

There is an exclusion zone of 400m for net increases in dwellings around Ashdown Forest in east Sussex, which is designated as a special protection zone and special area of conservation because of its value as habitat for rare bird species including the nightjar and Dartford warbler. Accordingly, it can be difficult to achieve consent for housing within the exclusion zone, and other such areas elsewhere, due to concerns about disturbance by dog walkers and predation by cats. Has anyone ever found out how far cats actually prowl, however? They have:-

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