Chinese New Year

Here is an appeal case involving Chinese lanterns, as we enter the Year of the Tiger. 

The appellant company was based in Lincolnshire and dealt with the importation, sorting and baling of end-of-life tyres. The company succeeded in its appeal against the county council’s refusal to allow the storage of tyres outside the building outside operating hours (DCS Number 400-034-173).  

The inspector noted the appellant’s comment about the amount of time that it took to move tyres from outside to inside the building and vice versa and that this had adverse economic impacts. 

In addressing the council’s concern about the potential for arson or tyres setting fire due to extreme heat during hot weather or from Chinese lanterns, the inspector remarked that tyres are not prone to self-ignition due to hot weather as they must be heated to at least 400 degrees Celsius for a period of several minutes prior to ignition. In this regard, he held that the council’s comment was not reasonably substantiated or indeed accurate. He also considered that the potential for a Chinese lantern to land on the site was remote. Furthermore, he reasoned, it was likely that if one did land on the site it would no longer be ignited and, even if it were still ignited it would be unlikely to heat tyres to the sort of temperature needed for a fire to take place. 

Partial costs were awarded against the council. 

There is a section on fire prevention at 4.1542 of DCP Online.