Monthly Archives: November 2021

Time will tell

Given that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars is set to be banned from 2030 the prospects for the redevelopment of a site in rural Wiltshire might look better in a few years’ time. This appeal (DCS Number 400-033-194) related to the refusal of planning permission for the redevelopment of equestrian premises with a detached house.

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Gone potty

While we are on the subject of unauthorised development, people do sometimes find themselves in trouble after erecting panels, fences, or balustrades around the perimeter of flat roofs in order to use the enclosed area for sitting out. No doubt this is often done with no thought that planning permission might be required. A householder in west London, however, has succeeded in his appeal (DCS Number 400-032-983) against an enforcement notice alleging ‘the creation of the roof terrace, by virtue of the placement of potted plants to the roof edge’, the inspector concluding that it was not development. 

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