Monthly Archives: October 2021

If it ain’t broke

The MP for Orpington’s private member’s bill to make unauthorised development without planning permission a criminal offence and to prohibit retrospective planning applications is due its second reading on 3 December. The bill no doubt has the support of residents in Kent who made representations on a recent appeal (DCS Number 400-032-938) against the refusal of planning permission for extensions to facilitate the change of use of a care home to eight flats.

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Last orders

Everyone knows that times are hard for rural pubs and that they are closing at a pace. Nonetheless, an inspector has ordered that a canvas-sided pergola at a pub in the Hertfordshire green belt should be removed despite the appellant’s plea for flexibility (DCS Number 400-032-356).

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The same but different

In determining a certificate of lawfulness appeal concerning caravans at a Norfolk leisure park (DCS Number 400-032-675) an inspector raised the question as to whether both touring caravans and static caravans can be regarded as the same in legal terms. The site already benefited from planning permission and a certificate of lawfulness allowing touring caravans to remain on the site permanently without ever being moved, and the appellant wished to establish that permanent occupation of static caravans would be similarly lawful. 

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