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Trigger’s broom or the Ship of Theseus paradox

Fans of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ might remember the sketch when Trigger, the road sweeper, claims to have used the same broom for 20 years….even though it has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles. Also known as the Ship of Theseus paradox – Plutarch asked whether a wooden ship which has had every single piece of wood replaced was still the same ship – this is a question which has perplexed thinkers over the centuries and was before a planning inspector in a recent appeal (DCS Number 400-032-464).

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Open textured

An inspector has deleted a condition specifying that the demolition of a locomotive shed and its replacement with two houses in Cheshire should be carried out in total accordance with the drawings, finding no harm to the openness of the green belt through a proposed increase in height of the garages (DCS Number 400-032-263).

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A working solution

In a recent blog post – Which way is up? – we highlighted contrasting opinions from planning inspectors about how the GPDO, in respect of Part 1 Class AA upward extensions, ought to be interpreted. The question is should it be only the effect on the building itself under consideration or can the effect on the street scene also be taken into account? 

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