Not long now

A request that the the period of time for complying with an enforcement notice relating to an outbuilding at a Kent cottage should be extended to two years was refused by an inspector who took a more sanguine view about our economic recovery from the pandemic than the appellant (DCS Number 400-030-367).

The enforcement notice required removal and reinstatement following the unauthorised extension and alteration of the building. The inspector reasoned as follows:-

“I am given to understand that the appellant has recently experienced financial difficulty due to a loss of income during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the Government’s recovery roadmap indicates that as the vaccination programme progresses over the next few months or so there will be a gradual rolling back of restrictions on travel and social contact. This is likely to increase the appellant’s access to employment opportunities, in turn offering the prospect of an improvement in their financial position in the near future.”

The inspector decided that the compliance period of nine to eleven months specified in the notice struck an appropriate balance between remedying the planning harm identified as soon as practicable, whilst also allowing a reasonable timeframe for the appellant to make arrangements in respect of the works and have them carried out.

There is a section on the period for compliance with an enforcement notice at 4.5361 of DCP Online.