A new thing to worry about

A householder in Bournemouth who appealed against the council’s decision to turn down his proposal for a six foot fence at his property had included in his description of development an explanation of why he wished to erect the fence. “Following the Corona virus lockdown,” he explained, “it flagged up a need for an enclosed family garden.” He wished to provide a safe and secure space for small children and “in addition, provide a barrier between the garden area and pedestrians walking past who may cough and expel droplets into the air.” (DCS Number 400-030-073).

The inspector considered that the fence would be a highly intrusive feature in the street scene, and would restrict views of the host property from the street, resulting in a fortress effect. She acknowledged that the appellant was seeking to make his garden more secure and private and to provide safe outdoor play space. It seemed to her, however, that there might be alternative ways of achieving this that were less harmful to the character of the area. 

The usual planning considerations relating to the erection of walls and fences can be found at section 12.333 of DCP Online….. but this is a new one.