Handed out

Anyone who has felt dismay on reading a council’s 30-item planning application validation list will cheer the appellant who challenged the need for a particular item at appeal. And won. 

In this case, relating to a proposal for two dwellings in north Wales (DCS Number 400-029-403), the planning authority demanded handed plans of the proposed dwellings and associated double garage. Appealing the council’s notice of invalidity, the appellant maintained that a planning department should not require identical mirrored plans, and it was therefore unreasonable to identify such plans as a validation requirement. 

It was evident to the inspector from the application documents that the proposed dwellings were mirrored. He also found that looking at the other submitted proposed plans alongside the proposed site plan helped the reader to understand the scheme as a whole. Having considered the application documents in the round, he was satisfied that the application contained sufficient plans, drawings and information to describe the development. 

The inspector concluded that the requirements specified in the notice of invalidity were not reasonable for the purposes of validation in relation to the scheme before him. He decided that the notice should be quashed. 

There is further information on this subject at section 5.144 of DCP Online.