This too shall pass

A Happy New Year to all our readers! Perhaps it hasn’t been entirely the start to the year that we were hoping for but a recent appeal decision (DCS Number 400-029-162reminds us that planners are always looking ahead to a brighter future. 

In this context the inspector found that the short-term economic benefits of three new dwellings outside a village in the north-east of England were not outweighed by the long-term harm to the setting of a listed late 17th century/early 18th century farmhouse:-  

“The public benefits from the proposed development flow largely from the economic stimulus generated through the short-term construction phase. It is acknowledged that the Covid-19 virus has had catastrophic consequences on the UK economy and that construction provides an important means by which to stimulate growth and employment. 

However, there is also an important need to protect the integrity of listed buildings which help define the character of the settlements in which they sit. The short-term public benefits of this appeal proposal should not be underestimated but they are, nevertheless, insufficient to outweigh the long-term harm to the setting of this listed building.”

There is a section which concerns the setting of listed buildings at 4.1681 of DCP Online.