A short storey

Here’s an interesting remark from an inspector who was determining an appeal against an enforcement notice requiring the removal of a timber play structure from the garden of a house in Lincolnshire (DCS Number 400-027-704).

“The building would not comply with a strict interpretation of criterion E.1(d) as it has more than a single storey. However, as these are three, very small, child-size storeys which, put together, approximate to a normal storey height, this appears to breach the letter but not the spirit of the GPDO.”

As it happened, the inspector found that the structure was not permitted development for other reasons, and so upheld the notice, but nonetheless this offers a useful insight into how the term ‘storey’ in the GPDO could be interpreted. 

Section 4.3421 of DCP Online sets out the permitted development rights for development within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse.