A duty of care

Readers might share our disquietude at the following paragraph, taken from an appeal decision relating to the refusal of planning permission for a 60-bedroom care home in Cheshire (DCS Number 400-027-262). 

“The impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic on the need for the proposed care home has been raised by a number of parties. The effects of the pandemic on the care sector are likely to be wide ranging and complex, and it will take time for the impacts to be fully understood. However, the need to provide high quality facilities to care for the ageing population will remain, and there is nothing to suggest that the need for the proposal would be in any way diminished as a result of the pandemic.”

Nonetheless, the long-term demographic impact and consequent commercial implications of Covid-19 must now be a matter of concern for those working in the care sector.

Residential and nursing homes for the elderly are covered at section 11.3 of DCP Online.