A brown study

We all know that a sitting room is a habitable room and that a bathroom is not a habitable room. But what about a study? According to one inspector, determining an appeal in north London (DCS Number 200-009-576), a study in a neighbouring property could not be assessed as a habitable room:

“I accept that the study is used by the occupant in connection with her business and that during the COVID-19 pandemic her children have made use of it for their studies. However, it is too small to be a bedroom and cannot be assessed as a habitable room. A bathroom is not a habitable room. Consequently, any loss of light and outlook to these rooms, whilst it might be noticeable to the occupants, would not be a justification for rejecting a scheme that was otherwise acceptable.”

Anyone currently working from home for long hours in a small study might not necessarily agree. 

Residential amenity in relation to urban infill development is discussed at section 8.337 of DCP Online.