Tight site and the council is demanding bike storage? Have a look at this appeal case (DCS Number 400-026-507).

The case concerns a planning condition which required secure cycle parking for a minimum of two cycles for each flat at a site in south London. The council’s concerns, the inspector reported, related to the accessibility of the cycle storage at first floor, which would require the transport of bicycles up a flight of stairs, the type of storage, and that it would require vertical lifting of the bicycle into the unit.

Although the cycle stores were not accessed from outside the building the inspector was satisfied that the proposed individual lockers would be inclusive, secure, safe, and robust. She also reasoned that, although bikes would need to be lifted into their storage place, prospective occupiers of the development would be aware of the facility and any associated limitations, before choosing to live within the property as well as the accessibility to the storage bays at first floor level.

There is a section on planning conditions at flat developments at 7.44 of DCP Online.