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Unnecessarily bureaucratic

There have been reports in the press that the Prime Minister’s Chief Adviser, Dominic Cummings, has pledged to overhaul the nation’s ‘appalling’ planning system. Well, the man might lack a lot of things but he certainly doesn’t lack chutzpah. And, ….we are saying this very quietly…., the system could do with looking at. Even planning inspectors recognize it; note the inspector’s remark in the following paragraph, taken from a recent appeal against the refusal of a certificate of lawfulness for a summerhouse at a house in Dorset (DCS Number 400-026-441).

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A mirror image

Lack of adequate visibility at a site entrance will sometimes give rise to the suggestion that a convex mirror would address the shortcoming. However, this view is rarely reflected by a highway authority; highway engineers really really don’t like them. In addition, they are almost never sanctioned at appeal. Here is why (taken from DCS Number 400-026-333):

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Text and context

In Oversimplification we reported an appeal case in which the inspector found that prior approval should not have been refused for a house extension on the grounds that inconsistent information regarding its maximum depth had been provided in the application: the block plan showing one measurement whereas it was stated as being another. Paragraph A.4(2)(b) of Part 1, Class A of the GPDO, he explained, does not require the plan to be drawn to any scale. The plan needed only to indicate the site and show where the proposed extension was to be located, the actual dimensions of the extension were required to be stated in writing under A.4(2)(a), which had been done.

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