A bit Spartan

Caravan sites can sometimes be a bit Spartan so it was perhaps with this in mind that the owner of a Hampshire caravan park decided to create a new classically styled entrance. In upholding an enforcement notice requiring its removal, however, an inspector made it clear that he did not appreciate its design (DCS Number 400-025-298).

After finding that the entrance walls were not permitted development the inspector commented that “In some locations, flamboyant design can be a virtue, or at least acceptable, but here, the pillars with overhanging capping are bizarrely over-ornate features, especially when combined with the statues which are visible in the council’s photographs and appear to have been in place when the enforcement notice was issued. The overall effect is to create an appearance somewhere between a Roman bath-house and a kind of Athenian mini-Erechtheion plonked into Hampshire’s coastal plain.”

Section 4.3422 of DCP Online covers GPDO Schedule 2 Part 2 minor operations such as the erection of walls and fences.