Off the rails

Taken from a recent appeal decision (DCS Number 200-009-178):

‘The realignment of the proposed route for HS2 has….resulted in significant uncertainty regarding the timing and nature of any future development of the site.’

In recent news it has been reported that the cost of HS2 has nigh-on doubled from an estimate of £56 billion in 2015 to £106 billion now. Whilst we hope that, if completed, HS2 will bring prosperity to the regions, particularly the Midlands and the North, any certainty about the payback period for the project must now be disappearing into a tunnel.

The government has promised a final decision on whether to continue with HS2 in February. Given that uncertainty brings its own costs to the development industry, in addition to the costs that HS2 is already bringing to the nation, we really do need that decision.

Section 26.4 of DCP Online covers infrastructure developments.