Just awful

In upholding a listed building enforcement notice requiring the removal of an extraction flue at a restaurant in a north London conservation area (DCS Number 400-023-844) an inspector plainly thought the development was just awful.

“The flue, as fixed, follows a tortuous and visually damaging route across the face of the rear red brickwork to the building. It emerges, from a ground floor window opening adjacent to a metal staircase, like some form of alien and ill-designed metal box. It then extends horizontally onto a crude, supporting bracketed platform before rising vertically and inelegantly between first floor windows to a level above the eaves of the building. In my view it is perceived as an obtrusive and ‘HeathRobinsonish’ type of contraption that is totally out of place on this rear elevation.”

The inspector continued “….this awful metal addition to the building is harmful to its character and integrity; to its setting and to its features of architectural and historic interest: namely the window openings and the brickwork.” It followed, he concluded, that it was also harmful to the character and appearance of the conservation area.

That’s telling it like it is. 

There are further examples of appeals relating to accretions to listed buildings at section 27.333 of DCP Online.