A romantic proposal

Picture this:-

A young couple are choosing a diamond engagement ring at a jeweller’s shop in Edinburgh. They step out onto the first floor terrace with the sales assistant, who is carrying a selection of rings and glasses of champagne. It’s late afternoon in winter, the stars are beginning to shine in the sky and the lights have come on at the castle…..

In the cold light of day there are, however, practical considerations, and one of them in this appeal case (DCS Number 400-023-570) was the need for listed building consent to install an iron balustrade. Unfortunately the existing parapet was too low and consent was needed to install a higher barrier, required for safety reasons.

Diamonds are forever, perhaps, but with care historic buildings will retain their value well into the future. The reporter acknowledged that the appellant wished to provide a unique visitor experience for customers, but he found that the tall railing proposed around an external space at first floor level would formalise an unprecedented outdoor use at a prominent location. He also shared the concerns of Historic Environment Scotland, finding that the balustrade would be a discordant and prominent feature on a property which formed part of the best surviving group of frontages on the street. As such, it would have an adverse effect on the listed building, on nearby listed buildings, and on the conservation area.

A gem of an idea, though!

There is information relating to decorative ironwork on listed buildings at section 27.2327 of DCP Online.