Skid lids and lattes

A group of bikers might not be the first image that comes to mind when thinking of the British countryside, but an inspector has allowed a motorcycle café in rural Lincolnshire, pointing out that motorcycling is an activity which can contribute to the rural economy (DCS Number 400-021-913).

The inspector understood that the coffee shop would act as a meeting place for like-minded individuals with the same enthusiasm for motorcycles as the appellant. She reasoned that “there are many different types of motorbikes and motor biking activities. As well as being used as a general mode of transport, motorcycles are used as a hobby and in connection with sport and leisure purposes. In my view, riding motorcycles in rural areas, along rural roads and visiting rural attractions and events, mainly on weekends and bank holidays, is a leisure activity connected to the countryside and one which assists in retaining the vitality and viability of many rural visitor attractions and facilities.” She determined that the appeal site would be an appropriate location for the proposed use.

Let’s hope they won’t be using Quiet Lanes.

Section 13.5 of DCP Online concerns motor vehicle sales and section 16.3 concerns road user services.