Electric avenue

Although the inspector in this case (DCS Number 400-021-871) was unconvinced, we thought that the idea of promoting the use of electric cars to address concerns about vehicle noise was rather innovative.

Outline planning permission for six dwellings on a backland site in Bedfordshire had been refused, in part on the grounds that the access between the flank elevations of two existing houses would result in disturbance for their occupiers. The inspector noted that “the appellant proposes to encourage future residents of the proposed development to use electric cars, in order to reduce the level of noise disturbance to existing properties through the provision of charging points for electric cars.” She reasoned, however, that “Whilst it is recognised that the use of such vehicles would be quieter in terms of engine noise, there is no guarantee that residents would choose to drive such vehicles.”

There might be some mileage in this idea if residents were obliged to use electric vehicles, though.

The amenity aspects of accesses to backland sites are discussed at section 8.1334 of DCP Online.