For the birds

Edinburgh City Council might have been spending too much time on Instagram.

In dealing with an appeal against the refusal of listed building consent for a loft conversion (DCS Number 400-021-104) the reporter remarked that “The mainly glazed infill of the inward-facing roof valley would not be likely to be visible from the wider conservation area, apart from within the appeal property. Although I note the council’s comment that this aspect of the works would, if undertaken, be seen in aerial photographs, I do not regard that as equating to an adverse effect on the character of the conservation area.”

Yes, it’s what the development would look like IRL from a normal viewpoint that matters, not what it might look like in photos taken from the air. This aspect of the council’s argument is strictly for the birds.

Nevertheless, the reporter concluded overall that the works to the roof would fail to preserve the character of the listed building.

The subject of alterations to listed buildings is covered at section 27.2 of DCP Online.