Brexit woes

In Oxfordshire some allowance has been made for the unsettling impact of Brexit, where an inspector has extended permission for the retention of eight staff caravans at an hotel beyond April 2019, allowing the business time to arrange alternative staff accommodation following the country’s departure from the EU (DCS Number 400-019-891).

The inspector considered that the form and shape of the caravans was starkly at odds with the traditional architectural style and palette of materials of the neighbouring hotel and houses in the village, and appeared extremely visually intrusive when viewed against the backdrop of the adjacent hedgerows. Nevertheless, in light of the potential harm to the business, and the forthcoming departure of the UK from the European Union, he took the view that the owner of the hotel should be given an opportunity to undertake an appropriate review of its staff accommodation needs. As a consequence, he considered it reasonable for the temporary period to be extended to two years from the date of his decision.

The inspector concluded overall that material considerations relating to the economic and operational needs of the business outweighed the scheme’s conflict with the development plan, and the corresponding environmental harm generated, but only in the short-term.

Examples of conditions attached to hotel use can be found at section 16.54 of DCP Online.