Raising the bar

We all know that we sometimes have to walk a tightrope, balancing public interests against the interests of planning applicants. An inspector recently did just that, in a finely balanced decision relating to an appeal against the refusal of permission for a flying trapeze in the back garden of a house in Gloucestershire (DCS Number 400-017-774).

In the end the decision swung against the appellant, the inspector concluding that, even though users of the trapeze rig would be focusing on their activities rather than looking towards other properties, the perception of overlooking would remain. The rig would also appear as an incongruous feature in the residential context, he held.

Thank goodness the inspector knew which way to jump, otherwise the whole thing could have turned into a three-ring circus.

The issues raised by a number of other types of garden structures are illustrated at Section 12.837 of DCP Online.

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