Nowhere near the same

In Not quite the same we reported a case (DCS Number 200-006-528) in which an inspector found that an application for approval of reserved matters made pursuant to an outline permission for 20 dwellings would have to be for something numerically close to that number, otherwise it would not be pursuant to the permission.

In a more recent case (DCS Number 400-016-552), on the other hand, the inspector found little reason to suggest that details for a development of 9 dwellings would not fall within the ambit of an outline permission for 14 dwellings. In the event, he decided that the outline permission had to be read in conjunction with a planning obligation which provided for five affordable dwellings and as these were no longer on offer he dismissed the appeal.

Nevertheless, this gives rise to a maths problem which has defeated the DCP Blog. How do you show that 9 is numerically close to 14 where the total is 14?

The following DCP section is relevant: 5.1323

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