Sic erat scriptum

Readers who shop in Marks and Spencer might recall that the store was in trouble with the grammar police some years back for displaying signs at some of its tills which said ‘Six items or less’. The offending signs were replaced swiftly with signs indicating that the tills were restricted to customers purchasing the more grammatically correct ‘Six items or fewer’.

An inspector dealing with an appeal in Hertfordshire (DCS Number 400-016-037) has drawn attention to the fact that the same grammatical howler occurs in a written ministerial statement: ‘The Written Ministerial Statement (WMS) of 28 November 2014 states that tariff-style contributions …. should not be sought from developments of 10 dwellings or less [sic].‘

Quite right, too. The Blog hopes to see the publication of a correction very soon.

Grammar police – they’re there for you.

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