Not quite the same

An inspector dealing with an appeal against the refusal of outline permission for the redevelopment of buildings in the Surrey green belt with up to 20 dwellings draws our attention to the interpretation of Illustrative drawings (DCS Number 200-006-528).

With regard to the openness of the green belt, the appellant emphasised that the layout plan was illustrative and that the proposal was for “up to” 20 dwellings. The inspector reasoned, however, that if permission were granted, then it would permit something at least close to that number of dwellings. A planning permission for a considerably lower number would be materially different, he ruled. He explained that, put the other way around, an application for approval of reserved matters to be made pursuant to the outline proposal if permitted, would have to be for something numerically close to 20 dwellings, otherwise it would not be pursuant to that permission. It was therefore reasonable, he decided, to take the illustrative layout as something that would approximate to the form of development.

The following DCP section is relevant: 5.1313

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