Closed for the season

Readers working in holiday areas might be interested in an appeal by a holiday caravan site on the Kent coast, in which they sought the reduction of their closed period from two months to two weeks (DCS Number 400-015-300). Planning authorities will often resist such proposals on the grounds that the use becomes tantamount to residential occupation. Whilst the inspector in this case rejected that argument he nevertheless dismissed the appeal on the novel grounds that permanent local residents ought to be allowed some peace and quiet during the winter months.

He reasoned that “….limiting the occupancy of holiday parks serves to highlight the changing character of the rural area throughout the year. It ensures that permanent residents locally are able to experience the tranquillity of the area when it is free from visitors. Extending the period of occupation to 11½ months would alter the character of the local area and would not provide the respite which occurs with the 10 month occupancy period. It would therefore lead to a noticeable change in the rural character of the area in the quiet early months of the year.”

The inspector decided that the condition should be retained in its current form.

The following DCP chapter is relevant: 24.241

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