Total rubbish

In Important work we expressed astonishment that a S106 planning obligation had been required in order to secure the provision of a wheeled bin. With hindsight, we should have realised that we were only a short trundle away from a situation in which the lack of a S106 planning obligation to secure the provision of a wheeled bin would prevent development. But here we are:-

In (DCS Number 400-014-958) an inspector found a proposed site for a new dwelling to be a suitable location for housing in the countryside. He was also satisfied that the proposal would be an acceptable form of development having regard to the risk of flooding and the effect on the character and appearance of the area. An obligation to provide a contribution for a wheelie bin, however, was incomplete and flawed, and would not therefore take effect. That, he decided, was the prevailing consideration.

In our opinion here on the Blog, an outcome in which an otherwise satisfactory development is held up for want of £73.65 towards a wheelie bin has got to be total rubbish.

The following DCP section is relevant: 4.61

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