That word again

Valued. That’s the word we are having trouble with. In Value judgments we asked how to recognize a ‘valued landscape’ in relation to Paragraph 109 of the NPPF. In Paragraph 70 we meet ‘valued’ again:

“To deliver the social, recreational and cultural facilities and services the community needs, planning policies and decisions should…..guard against the unnecessary loss of valued facilities and services, particularly where this would reduce the community’s ability to meet its day-to-day needs.”

How are ‘valued facilities’ defined? What might constitute a valued facility? Because, something must be valued by someone. In other words, there must be a certain level of subjective analysis, despite the best efforts of the courts to apply objective analysis to the definition of valued landscapes. With this in mind we thought it would be helpful to highlight an appeal decision in which the inspector decided that a care home can be defined as a valued facility (DCS Number 400-014-805). The inspector acknowledged that no guidance is provided as to how to determine what makes a community facility “valued” (in respect of Paragraph 70 of the NPPF). However, she agreed with the council, that in providing care and accommodation for members of the community who are no longer able to live independently, care homes can be considered to be a valued facility, which provide for the day-to-day needs of residents.

The following DCP section is relevant: 11.3

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