You would think, after two world wars, that they might have learned that attempts at annexation never end well. But no, they’ve been at it again. We are nonetheless very pleased to report that a gallant inspector has single-handedly foiled a German plot to annexe part of London’s Belgravia (DCS Number 400-014-581).

This appeal related to the retention of five folding bollards and the change of use to Embassy land immediately to the rear of the German Embassy. The appellant stated that following the terrorist threat level being raised by the Government to severe in August 2014, the security bollards were installed to prevent a terrorist attack from inconspicuously parked vehicles containing a bomb adjacent to the rear wall of the German Embassy building. The inspector acknowledged that the appellant’s appeal documents made it very clear that the purpose of the development was to provide protection against terrorist attacks and to improve security for Embassy staff and buildings. However, he found that it was simply not clear how the land might be used. (We might be able to offer some insight here, sir. Think Austria, March 1938.) For this reason alone he concluded that the appeal should be dismissed insofar as it related to the change of use to Embassy land.

Magnanimous in victory, the inspector allowed the retention of the bollards. Rather than resulting in harmful effects, he considered that as well as improving security they would prevent on-street vehicle parking and servicing by both the Embassy staff and local residents, thus reducing the levels of noise, disturbance and general activity that would harm living conditions.

The following DCP section is relevant: 3.162

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