Evil clown to be sited in Oxfordshire

No, this isn’t to do with the creepy clown sightings of 2016. This is far worse. Ronald McDonald will be appearing in the Oxfordshire countryside following an inspector’s decision to grant permission for a restaurant and drive-through adjacent to the A43 (DCS Number 200-005-976).

The appellant had carried out a sequential test to support the application as required by Paragraph 24 of the NPPF, the inspector recorded. Interestingly, however, she reasoned that the purpose of the sequential test is to demonstrate that there are no alternative sites within a town centre or edge of centre locations, and given that the purpose of the development was to provide roadside facilities for motorists on the A43, which by definition is unlikely to be within a town centre, the sequential test was of little relevance to the appeal. The council nevertheless maintained that there was no need for a food outlet on the site as it was adjacent to a filling station and less than a mile from a service station at a junction on the M43. The council argued that as Paragraph 31 of the NPPF states that the primary function of roadside facilities should be to support the safety and welfare of the road user, it also requires a demonstration of need. The inspector answered, however, that ‘where need is not the primary function, Paragraph 31 of the Framework does not prohibit the provision of roadside facilities.’

No, we can’t make sense of this either, but fear it heralds a lot more garish nightmares.

The following DCP section is relevant: 16.238

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