A good day to bury bad news?

Governments of all complexions have long been guilty of publishing potentially unpopular information under cover of significant events so perhaps the DCS team ought not to have been surprised at the quantity of mahoosive decisions published by the secretary of state on the Friday before Christmas. However, if DCLG hoped we would be too busy dragging a Christmas tree through the snowy streets whilst tossing farthings to barefoot orphans to alert our clients to these significant cases it would be disappointed. Oh no. We reported them on the day. And just in case you, dear readers, were too busy dragging a Christmas tree etc etc we reported them again after Christmas. And just to make the point, DCLG, that these things do not go unnoticed, here they are again:

Published on 23/12/16:

Up to 380 dwellings allowed in Leeds (DCS Number 200-005-958)

Up to 370 dwellings allowed in Leeds (DCS Number 200-005-957)

Circa 150 dwellings allowed in Leeds (DCS Number 200-005-956)

60-65 dwelling dismissed in Stafford (DCS Number 200-005-960)

Solar farm dismissed in Lancashire (DCS Number 200-005-959)  

Published on 22/12/16:

Up to 200 dwellings dismissed in Gloucestershire (DCS Number 200-005-951)

In anticipation of any claim that the publication of this number of secretary of state decisions in a single week is entirely normal – no, it isn’t. We’ve got the figures.

The following DCP section is relevant: 3.15

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