Step into Narnia for a basement lighting solution

An ingenious lighting solution has resolved concerns about inadequate lighting in a basement flat in east Sussex, while also conjuring up images of a portal through the back of a wardrobe (DCS Number 400-013-594).

A daylight report had indicated that daylight to one of the bedrooms had not met the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Guide to Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight requirement. At her site visit, however, the inspector saw that there was now a glazed light shaft serving the bedroom with light from the street level above, together with a mirrored light shaft that had been installed adjacent to it, which reflected daylight into the room. She observed that, internally, the glazed light shaft resembled a cupboard with a clear glazed door and the mirrored shaft reflected light through a window unit. She found that the light received in the room from the mirrored shaft was very bright, such that the residents had fitted a blind to the window to control it. A further report indicated that with a mirrored light shaft installed the average daylight factor in the bedroom would be 1.29% and would thus exceed the BRE requirement of 1.00%. The inspector concluded that the overall level of daylight in the bedroom was adequate, largely due to the light received from the mirrored light shaft.

Plenty to reflect on here.

The following DCP section is relevant: 4.1353

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