Back to the future

Just as we were thinking that telegraph poles were all but redundant along comes an inspector allowing a high tech version.

In (DCS Number 400-013-384) a consortium of telecommunications operators proposed a 10 metre high replica telegraph pole in southeast London. The inspector was aware that there had been a previous application for a 12.5 metre high monopole on the site. He observed that that scheme would have been significantly more prominent due to its greater height and the bulbous nature of the antenna shroud. In re-designing the proposal to a single diameter replica telegraph pole of lesser height he considered that the appellant had shown a readiness to compromise, notwithstanding the fact that the 10-metre scheme would be on the margins of acceptability in terms of the network coverage it would provide.

The inspector acknowledged that the timber-effect monopole would be taller and wider than the telegraph poles it was designed to replicate. Whilst this would give it greater presence, he considered that the general appearance would be similar. The monopole would of necessity rise above adjacent street lights and trees, but the difference in height would not be significant, he judged, and the structure would not be obtrusive or unduly prominent. He concluded that the monopole would be read in the context of other vertical elements of street furniture and would be assimilated into the street scene without creating a sense of clutter.

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The following DCP section is relevant: 28.1

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