Vertical Sky Component in practice

In Vertical Sky Component – an explanation the Blog explained how VSC is calculated. Just as an example, here it is in practice in a recent appeal decision relating to a flat block extension in east London (DCS Number 400-013-364)

“……BRE guidelines indicate that a window may be adversely affected if the VSC measured at the centre of the window is less than 27% and less than 0.8 times its former value. The resultant ratio for the second floor window of No 363A would be less than 27% and 0.66 times its former value. I consider that this loss of daylight would result in significant harm to the living conditions of occupiers of the second floor of No 363A.”

“……I conclude that the development would have a harmful effect on the living conditions of occupiers of … 363A … through … a harmful loss of daylight to the second floor window …”

The following DCP sections are relevant: 4.236 and 8.432

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