It’s an ill wind….

Time for some more lavatory humour:

An inspector has modified a condition attached to the permission for a replacement dwelling in Suffolk, thereby authorising the retention of a top-opening ground floor toilet window (DCS Number 400-012-481).

The original condition stated that the window should be non-opening. The inspector found, however, that the council had failed to articulate why, in their opinion, the opening of the downstairs toilet window resulted in a harmful level of noise and disturbance for the occupiers of the neighbouring house.

The inspector stood outside the window when open and listened to the toilet flush. Whilst audible, he found that it was not particularly loud. The audibility of the toilet flushing would be likely to be even less noticeable from within the neighbours’ garden, he reasoned, given the presence of the intervening boundary wall. Furthermore, he considered that this effect would be similar for any other noises that might emanate from a toilet when being used.

Ripping fun!

The following DCP chapter is relevant: 4.137

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