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It’s not fair

Readers will be aware of the advice contained in the PPG which states that a negatively worded condition which prevents development proceeding until an obligation is entered into can be appropriate in exceptional circumstances and where it relates to one of the matters under consideration. In the appeal case reported in the Blog article Where there’s a will… the inspector decided that since the only obstacle which stood in the way of the proposed conversion of an office to a house under the GPDO proceeding was the need for an obligation to prevent future occupiers applying for or being entitled to a residents’ parking permit he was satisfied that such a condition was appropriate.

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In pants

Gary Lineker had to present MOTD in his underpants after Leicester City won the Premier League. The Blog finds itself in similar attire after betting its shirt on never seeing an inspector rule contrary to Government advice on affordable housing (Back in the real world). Because….an inspector has ruled contrary to Government advice on affordable housing (DCS Number 400-012-563). This appeal related to the redevelopment of a garage at a house in Surrey with a bungalow. Core strategy policy stated that for proposals comprising between one and four dwellings a financial contribution towards affordable housing should be sought, to be secured by means of a planning obligation. Whilst the developer initially indicated a willingness to provide the contribution the offer was subsequently withdrawn.

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