Glastonbury – the fun stops here

We make no claim to be down with the kids here on the Blog but we are aware of the doleful refrain that it is now only the middle-aged and middle class who can afford tickets for the Glastonbury Festival. That being the case, those of a conservative outlook on their way to the festival next week will no doubt be nodding their approbation of a recent appeal decision concerning a mural which has been painted on the gable end of a listed building in the town (DCS Number 400-011-784).

It was apparent to the inspector that the town has an alternative image and he noted other murals there. Nevertheless, he decided that due to its size and positioning the mural was a dominant feature, an impact which was exaggerated by the use of brightly coloured paint. Taken together with the complexity of the scene and the modern graffiti styled text these characteristics made the mural a focal element of the listed building that was at odds with its special interest, he held. Upholding the council’s refusal to grant retrospective listed building consent he concluded that the simple form and traditional materials of the appeal building and those adjoining it were overwhelmed by the mural.

Will the appellant paint over the mural or simply wait for the customary festival rain to wash it off, we wonder…

The following DCP chapter is relevant: 27.2328

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