One man’s meat….

Following on from the discussion of matters of taste in Living the countryside idyll here is an inspector who is not imposing a particular taste, much as local residents might have wished him to.

The inspector raised no objection to the design of six three-storey holiday homes in Cornwall notwithstanding the council’s contention that the development would not look out of place in a film set for The Lord of the Rings (DCS Number 400-011-593). The proposal involved the redevelopment of an existing holiday let with six pods which, the inspector reported, loosely resembled windmills on raised plinths. The scheme also included wind turbines on the conical roofs of each pod. The design and use of external materials would be in striking contrast to the nearby buildings, the inspector observed. However, although some local residents described the village as a pretty Cornish village, the inspector took the view that there was nothing surrounding the site having any architectural significance or distinctiveness which would set an appropriate context for the proposal. The design of the pods was distinctive and whilst unusual, was not unattractive, he held. He concluded that it would meet the requirement in paragraph 17 [4] of the NPPF for high quality design.

The following DCP chapter is relevant: 9.537 

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