Prior approval – again

We recognise that we might be going on a bit about the shortcomings of the prior approval regime……but we’re not stopping. Here is another daft outcome.

A planning authority in Yorkshire refused prior approval for a householder extension on the basis that development had already commenced and therefore could not benefit from the prior approval process (DCS Number 400-011-347). At appeal, an inspector recognised that there is no provision in the GPDO for a retrospective application for prior approval. The appellant stated, however, that the existing extension would be demolished. On that basis the inspector decided that the application related to a proposal for a new development and allowed the appeal.

Firstly, in the real world, is the appellant really going to demolish the extension only to rebuild it? Secondly, is this what the planning system ought to be seeking to achieve, anyway?

The following DCP chapter is relevant: 4.3421

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