We live in an ageing society

An inspector has dismissed an appeal seeking the retention of a chalet in the Devon countryside, finding that the appellant’s age and personal circumstances did not outweigh harm to the rural area (DCS Number 400-011-231).

The appellant argued that he was aged 65 and in poor health, and would have nowhere else to live. He moved to the site after a dramatic change in his personal circumstances, bought the site with his remaining capital, and now lived on a pension which was insufficient to allow him to rent a flat in the area and still have adequate money on which to live. This brought little sympathy from the inspector, who noted that no evidence had been provided as to the appellant’s means, and there was nothing from a doctor which said that his conditions prevented him from working. Many people work well past the appellant’s age, he remarked.

We’re wondering, here, how old the inspector was….

The following DCP chapter is relevant: 9.236

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