How to get an open market dwelling in the countryside

Planners working in rural areas will be aware that there is a desperate need for more farm dwellings (in the case where a new farmhouse is proposed) and no demand at all for them (in the case where an application is made to lift an agricultural occupancy condition from an existing farmhouse).

One effective strategy for gaining the removal of an agricultural occupancy condition from a farmhouse seems to be to build it in the wrong place thereby nullifying the condition after four years, as the following successful LDC cases illustrate:

County                          Distance off approved siting    Date                DCS Number

Worcestershire           8m                                                 28/7/15            400-008-370

East Yorkshire             24m                                              13/4/15             400-007-090

Carmarthenshire       6-7m                                              3/12/14             400-005-890

North Yorkshire         6-7m                                              7/9/12               100-078-702

Somerset                      Just overlapping                         24/7/12             100-078-270

Cash-strapped planning authorities who are worried that they ought to be doing a bit more by way of monitoring the implementation of planning permissions can now …. worry more.

The following DCP chapter is relevant: 9.413

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