Back to the 70s

An inspector rejected the substitution of house types on a backland development in Nottinghamshire (DCS Number 400-010-267), finding that the design of the two houses, originally granted permission in 1971, would be more appropriate to the area.

The previous planning permission gave permission for the erection of five bungalows and two detached houses. The bungalows had been constructed but the two houses were never built. The inspector determined that as the planning permission had been implemented it remained extant and there was therefore a fallback situation. He noted that the proposed development would introduce an atypical contemporary design of dwellings with mono-pitched roofs and large expanses of glazing. The design would also result in large expanses of elevational materials to almost roof height. He accepted that the site was capable of sustaining a development of significant scale and of innovative design. He decided, however, that It was radically different from the well established traditional design of the properties in the surrounding locality to the extent that it would be clearly at odds with the prevailing character of the area and would result in an incongruous form of development.

Seventies style it is, then. Storage heaters and avocado bathroom suites?

The following DCP chapter is relevant:4.132

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